Care Instructions


Enameled jewelry is powdered glass fused to metal at high temperatures. Although it is durable enough for everyday wear, impact with a hard object or a drop can result in cracking, chipping or otherwise damaging your enamel piece.  

Storage | Store the piece in a cloth, poly bag, or wrapped in tissue separately from other objects.

Wear | Do not submerge in any liquid; do not shower or bathe while wearing. Remove when washing hands. Never use chemicals or abrasives to clean enamel. Avoid exposure to lotions, perfumes, and cleaning products. 

Cleaning | Wipe the enamel gently with a clean, slightly damp, soft cloth; do not use paper towels. To remove silver tarnish on your enamel piece’s setting, use a polishing cloth on the metal only. Do not allow the polishing cloth to contact the enamel; polishing cloths contain fine abrasives which can scratch the enamel, leaving it looking cloudy. 

Stirling Silver

When silver is exposed to oxygen and hydrogen sulfide in the air, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in a black tarnish. This process is inevitable but can be slowed or cleaned with the following tips.

Storage | Store in an airtight environment if possible (such as a small ziplock bag) or anti-tarnish pouch.

Wear | Swimming or bathing while wearing silver jewelry can dull its finish over time. Avoid contact with lotions and perfumes.  Exposing silver to cleaning chemicals such as bleach can create dark spots in silver that must be professionally removed.

Cleaning | To remove silver tarnish on your piece, use a polishing cloth on the metal only. Be sure not to allow the polishing cloth to come in contact with stones or enamel; polishing cloths contain fine abrasives which can scratch the stones or enamel, leaving them looking cloudy. 

Many of our silver pieces have been treated with liver of sulfur, a tarnishing agent, to create a patina finish. We do apply a seal to the patina finished pieces, but overtime the seal will wear off. The piece will continue to tarnish. To restore the finish, a polishing cloth can be used to brighten the piece, as desired.


Wear | Do not swim, shower or bathe when wearing a piece with a stone. Avoid exposing the stone to lotions and perfumes as this can permanently and undesirably alter the appearance of some stones.

Cleaning | Do not use abrasives, scrub pads, jewelry cleaning cloths or jewelry cleaning chemicals as this can damage the stone.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about caring for your piece.